This show featured the Phish debut of Ether Edge. Trey teased Super Bad in Free. Trey changed the first Alumni's lyrics to "no PhD."
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Super Bad tease in Free
Debut Years (Average: 2003)

This show was part of the "2023 Summer Tour"

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, attached to 2023-07-12

Review by Sopath

Sopath Here's the thing: I actually think this show had more individually great moments than N1 but as a whole it was weaker than N1.

Set 1 was pretty strong in my opinion. I liked Plasma as an opener and the Sigma Oasis was gorgeous. Really enjoyed Evolve and the Mull jam. Stash was kinda disappointing from me. It's one of the best songs for Phish to explore darker jams so when they make it positive I always feel like we're missing out on something. I'm not a big Bowie guy but it was good.

Set 2 was a little lack luster for me. Wave of Hope was nice but the jam felt like it dragged. Fuego and its jam was really strong, which made Wave of Hope feel like it had more purpose for me. I for one really enjoyed Ether Edge and would like to see more of it. Fuck the haters. Mercury had really nice jam and bled into Free really well.

Encore: Yeah I just didn't really feel it here. Never been a fan of Alumni and the Antelope was for me a little mid.

Conclusion: My complaints are nitpicks. I had an absolute blast listening to the show. The notion that this show is harming good done by the Spring tour is woefully unfair, especially in light of a really good N1. I gave the show a 3/5 because to me it's an average Phish show! And hey most Phish shows are basically average Phish shows and that's okay because it's god damn Phish. They are an amazing band and I can't wait for Alpharetta.
, attached to 2023-07-12

Review by mindleftpants

mindleftpants This was an interesting one to bring my family to for their first show. The first set started strong and there was great play in Evolve and Mull. Personally was a little disappointed by the Stash, but Bowie closed the set strong.

The second set left me a little dissatisfied, especially with Ether Edge. This was the only song that my mom (at 60 y/o) was able to melodically follow, and that's because (sorry mom) it is a campy and churchy tune (see "Lord I Lift Your Name On High"). I prayed I'd never see it again, but the band threw it in the otherwise sublime first set in Nashville 10/7/23.

Ultimately the purpose of this review is to advocate for Free in the Jam Charts. While this version is nothing like Cuyahoga, if the goal of a Jam Chart is to change the way we perceive a song, this version accomplished this. Not only was I personally transcended by this Free, but in re-convening with a few friends after the show, I was told I was not alone in this ("I've never heard a Free like that;" "Really liked that last one[sister]"; "The Free though??").

Overall great showing in Huntsville, great two shows to kick off the tour
, attached to 2023-07-12

Review by yEEt_1331

yEEt_1331 A 3.2 star rating as of writing is doing this show a grave injustice. It’s just like 4/18/23 in my humblest of opinions, where how it looks on paper is a big influence on its reception. Here we have a well played first set, with very few flubs or misses. I don’t think “poor song selection” applies here. While yes, there was plenty of newer, dare I say slightly less popular material, they flowed well with this show as a whole, and that’s a good thing. And let’s talk about that David Bowie. Composed sections were nailed. Jam was short but very sweet, and the ending was also nailed. Not a single flub. Very rewarding experience. While the second set wasn’t necessarily peak-heavy, the Fuego, Mercury and Free are all worth checking out. The encore speaks for itself. ‘‘Twas a great show.
, attached to 2023-07-12

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Plasma: Initially starts off pretty mellow and jazzy even. This is brief as Trey takes the helm. This evolves nicely and turns into a fantastic show opening jam. Very nice. Thought Trey sounded great!>

Sigma Oasis: Jam starts in earnest around 7:30. Page funking it up. Things mellow out a good bit in the early ten minute range, Fish really putting in some impressive work in here. This section is excellent – everyone seems to have an equal part. This lasts for a good two minutes. Trey takes back over and solos with purpose. Major mode is realized around 13 and a half. This blissful, upbeat section goes on for about a minute and half. They sort of noodle around for about a minute and a half and then Page leads them into… >

Wolfman's Brother: Arguably the steadiest performer since the return in 2009. This version is no exception.

Evolve: Standard.

Mull: Has an effects driven jam. Did they mess around with FYF briefly in the early 7 minute range? >

Bouncing Around the Room: Standard.

Stash: Trey flubs the beginning in a couple of spots right out of the gate. Moves into major mode around 7:15. Nice peak.

David Bowie: Interesting fact: Bowie has only been played after Stash once and it was actually in 3.0 at 8.16.15 and this was also in the first set. I figured when looking it up – if it had been done at all it would have been in the 80’s. Pretty cool! LOL at the intro, geesh. Standard for the era Bowie, no patience – no tension building, just run through the motions.

SET 2: A Wave of Hope: This jam doesn’t do much for me. It gets some of that reverse reverb/backwards effect Trey stuff going towards the end and it briefly sounds like Trey is gunning for Free but then it goes into a Fuego direction… ->

Fuego: Trey is a little sloppy in the intro. Jam is initially very cool for a few minutes! But then it takes a turn into a very heavy effects driven jam. You will love it if you are fond of this type of jam where Trey is playing with all his toys and pedals. You will not if you don’t – just that simple. Personally, I don’t. But, who cares what I think. The last two minutes Trey decides to actually play his guitar. With about 15 seconds left Trey forces a brief return to the original structure, thinks better of it and then goes for… ->

Piper: Like Fuego, this is all effects. >

Ether Edge: Hope I never hear this again.

Mercury: Pet Cat teases around 10:20. More after that. If Trey generically strumming for minutes on end, then this jam is for you >

Free: Meh. Treys tone sounds very thin. Weak closer.

ENCORE: Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues: Sure thing washy.

Run Like an Antelope: Standard or slightly less than standard.

Summary: This show was…not good. Not good. Sigma was really good. The rest…was not. Sure hope they pick up the pace in Georgia because these past two shows killed whatever momentum the spring tour created. Looking forward to your down votes!

Replay Value: Sigma Oasis
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