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Chest Fever tease in Carini, No Men In No Man's Land tease in Back on the Train
Debut Years (Average: 2001)

This show was part of the "2018 Summer Tour"

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, attached to 2018-08-03

Review by ekstewie1441

ekstewie1441 Top shelf 1st quarter, standard 2nd quarter but with good playing and few/no flubs weak spots. No-weaknesses 2nd set with one great (Tweezer), one near-all-time-esque jam (Carini), a well above average Hood, and superb song selection and placement. Vaults it to the top of 2018 (so far) to my ears. If played during BD/2017 probably would be near the top 5 (but let us not forget the tough competition) - or at least if someone had it in their hypothetical top 5, you shouldn't be incredulous.
Overall, jamming style reminded me a few times of the late summer 2012/fall 2013 jams (e.g. 2012 Lights, some 2013 Carinis), which, to my ears, is a big improvement relative to the Gorge N3 jamming style (of course, to each their own!). A show easily worthy of listening to beginning to end which counts for a lot IMO.
, attached to 2018-08-03

Review by JMart

JMart To glimpse a divine order in the universe, look no further than this truism: if you skip a phish show within driving distance, one that your whole crew is attending (with all the details sorted), and you dip out to make sure you’re at work or some other such responsible bullshit, rest assured: they will punish you. Badly. And they will make it really personal when they do it, too. For all the badges we wear honorably (NYE, Dicks, Halloween, festivals, Gorge), I submit you’re not a real phish fan until you get completely sodomized by your favorite band the night before/after you hop on/off tour, respectively (my personal d’oh list includes 11/23/97, 8/9/98, 8/5/10, and 8/19/12).
Because that, folks, is what happened last night: Multiple jammers in the first set. Tight playing. Great song selection. All in front of me while was packing my bags to drive down to Atlanta tomorrow morning. This was the band. I can’t help but thinking they played More to say “how in the hell are we going to top this tomorrow?” I’m not sure, boys. I’m really not sure. But I’m glad I get to watch.
, attached to 2018-08-03

Review by GAphishin

GAphishin Bold and broad! You listen to that music and see Kuroda’s lights...
All I gotta say is don’t just look at the inspiration within the set list, don’t just look at the time taken for the expression of such songs as Ghost and Carini...the beauty of All These Dreams and Winterqueen...Essential
Moments after the monsters that came before. AND a well earned MORE that promises for IT in the ensuing days.
Get off your horse and phucking dance! Don’t stand there on your couch with your arms crossed...still waiting. When it shows up, you won’t be in the right mood.
The boys blew the top off of tonight from First Tube all the way to More. They shared the stage, Chris drooled lights all over us, and I was subtly reminded, after the deluge of the last three days here in ATL that the ground held me while I danced a full-on joyful show of music..a much different ground than at Coventry.
These guys found a nice, rocking Southern Fried special for us tonight.
Will not expect a thing. just grateful and honored to be present for Phresh Phish that tastes so good!
, attached to 2018-08-03

Review by LizardwithaZ

LizardwithaZ When the universe tells you something, you should listen. I was supposed to go to night 2 in Alpharetta, but through a snafu with my ticket provider, I ended up switching to this show about 4 hours before the boys took the stage, so instead of going home after a long work week, I was in my car driving to Alpharetta. Let me just say that the universe was right to send me to this show.
First Tube kicking things off was a total surprise to me, but the perfect start to a set
Filled with fire and exploration. NMINML followed, and while I’m more familiar with the earlier catalog, this song is growing on me, and this version was pretty great. Following that, however, was the centerpiece of the set, a 20 minute monster of a Ghost. The boys jammed this one in so many different directions, and I can’t wait to give it a re-listen! At one point I think I caught a harbinger of things to come when Page teased the Martian Monster that was on the way.
All of These Dreams isn’t one I had ever heard before and was a nice break, but when Free came out, the crowd went nuts. For me, it was especially meaningful as this way first show since ATL summer 2000. I indeed felt the feeling I forgot with this standard, but energetic Free.
Martian Monster was solid as always, followed by Tube, which has always been a favorite. I was feeling a little bit of a space theme going, and wondered if a 2001 might be in the coming, but instead we got a 555 with some really nice jams, followed by a Walls of the Cave which left us hungry for more.
My prediction for the second set was either a Mike’s opener or a Tweezer, and as it turned out, Tweezer one the day and came out of the Gates with a massively exploratory rendition. The Blaze On that followed rocked the house before drifting in to a nice Prince Caspian, but none of us were prepared for what would come next in the form of a 20 minute Carini that took exploration to another level. This will most likely go down as The Carini of all Carinis.
Simple and Winterqueen were standard but great, and the boys reached deep into their past to pull out a fantastic Harry Hood to close the set.
I was ready for a Tweeprise encore, but the surprise came with More instead, leaving a treat on the table for those lucky enough to be coming to the other shows of this run.
This is a must listen show, not just out of 3.0, but from the entire Phish catalog.
, attached to 2018-08-03

Review by 46Blaze

46Blaze A++
Phish brought the space funk fire. So many songs to cross off the bucket list. All-time versions of Ghost (Atom Heart Mother jam) and Carini (extensive Chest Fever teases), and that's just the tip of the iceberg. The whole show was damn near perfect - even Winterqueen went above and beyond. The Mothership landed in Alpharetta last night, and I can't even imagine where it will take us these next two nights. See y'all there!
, attached to 2018-08-03

Review by youenjoymyghost

youenjoymyghost When the jam of the night is in the first set you know these guys mean business. That ghost was spectacular and definitely the winner of the night and not just because of it's length. Patient, funky awesome. All these dreams is a great cool down, tube had a nice little jam, the blues part was extra saucy into 555 YES. Tweezer was well executed, blaze on jam while short was interesting. Great Ghost, great show. Wish I had made the trip out.
, attached to 2018-08-03

Review by weewaw

weewaw Fun show last night!

Great jams in multiple songs.

There was some NMINML teasing by Trey during the jam in BoTT or Free. I forget which one.

So much goodness. Ghost, Tweezer, Carini, NMINML, Blaze on ...

This was my first show where they didn’t play a song I hadn’t heard before. Fun facts.
, attached to 2018-08-03

Review by yEEt_1331

yEEt_1331 It's not the shows with erratic four-song sets filled with fire (I'm looking at you, fall 1997) that pique my interest. Rather, it's the element of balance. Quick example: Fall 2013. I sought balance for three nights after a six-hour drive from Florida, and I received that on night one.
Balance, to me, is different moods of songs, specifically the lighter ones, in the right places at the right times, and boy, did that happen here. All of These Dreams was a perfect hose to put out the fire that Ghost left behind. As a bonus, I really wanted to hear it live, and I got that. Winterqueen was also impeccably placed right after the second set heat. It really makes those lighter songs that much more enjoyable. Phish following up with Harry Hood tells us that they're 100% capable of cooling down and heating up again in rapid succession.
, attached to 2018-08-03

Review by DownWithSteam

DownWithSteam Watched tonight for Dinner and a Movie. This show starts hot in the first set and doesn't stop. Ghost a suprising early jam and it shows how locked in the band is. Above average first set for sure. Then in the 2nd half, we get a great tweezer to start us off into a blaze on with another great jam. Caspian kills the set in a way, as it wasn't a great version, but boy do things kick right back into gear with the carini, which has an unbelievable jam that gets out there. Highlight of the night. Every version of Hood is solid but you can chock this one up as above average. And I like More and think its a great encore. Solid version, very solid show. 1st set way above average and 2nd set just above average. Great jams in Ghost, Carini
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