Jam Chart for Wolfman's Brother (67 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1994-04-04 Burlington, VT 7:16 Debut with the Giant Country Horns. The song was played in a lower key throughout 1994 than all versions from 1995 to present. The jam includes a great horn-infused "Alumni Blues" jam.
1994-04-17 Fairfax, VA 8:52 Jam section includes some early funk followed by a settled section which rebuilds into a rocking jam that opens up some before returning to the "Wolfman's" theme. Nothing like the monster versions from 1997 on, but an important one for establishing the funk -> release/rock -> return to "Wolfman's" jam structure for future "Type I" versions.
1996-04-26 New Orleans, LA 3:52 -> in from "YEM." 2 verses of "Wolfman's" sung a capella, serving as the "YEM" vocal jam, before going electric to finish this straightforward version.
1997-03-01 Hamburg, Germany 13:51 Game changing version launches "Wolfman's" as a jamming vehicle. The improvisational jam works through several sections of serious funk, gains rocking legs around 12:00, before more funk and a masterful -> to "JJLC."
1997-06-24 Strasbourg, France 16:38 Bad-Ass funk with awesome Mike, and great Page on the B-3 and other keyboards. Starts to settle out of funk mode, then gets into some rocking, growly Trey-led jamming that eventually mellows and > to "Reba."
1997-07-11 Escalarre, Spain 15:09 Extended funk section which continues until 12:00 when the jam loosens into rocking mode and > to "Johnny B. Goode."
1997-07-25 Dallas, TX 15:09 Lots of good funk, then the jam starts to uncork, but cycles back to more funk. Around 11:00, the jam breaks out into some great "C&P"-like jamming before settling and > to "Maze."
1997-08-02 George, WA 18:02 Sure, you can characterize this as "Type I." But within that, you get 6 solid minutes of '97 funk and 6+ minutes of power-rocking release action before returning to "Wolfman's" to close.
1997-08-08 Tinley Park, IL 16:17 Multifaceted jam that works through several funk sections, quickly lets loose to rock mode, then returns to more funk and more rocking before -> to "Free."
1997-08-16 Limestone, ME 18:50 Awesome, improvisational version that gets well beyond standard "Wolfman's." At 8:50, the jam breaks out of funk mode and starts to explore, masterfully linking several sections with great, inspired music before -> to a cool "Simple."
1997-11-14 West Valley City, UT 14:25 The post-funk release is not your typical "feel good" rocking crescendo, but a quiet transition into minor mode darkness before subtly switching to major mode and -> to "Piper."
1997-11-19 Champaign, IL 28:18 Exploratory, extremely "Type II" version. Following some classic '97-style cow funk, the jam ranges from blissfully serene and settled ground, to an extended, Trey-led blistering and somewhat dissonant section, then on to Page and Mike dominated blues rocking. This "Wolfman's" has it all, including a sweet -> to a seriously funky "Makisupa."
1997-11-30 Worcester, MA 31:30 Yin-Yang improvisational version. Following the expected funk, the jam breaks into 9+ minutes of lush, beautiful and delicate playing. But around 15:30, some dissonance creeps into the mix, and the boys then launch into an insane, heavy-metal "Pentagram Death Jam" with "Sanity" and "Esther" lyrics and CK5 dimming the arena lights.
1997-12-07 Dayton, OH 7:15 > in from "Timber." Great, short version loosens out of funk mode briefly, mellows into more funk and -> to the first "Boogie On Reggae Woman" in 988 shows (last seen on 9/13/88). The "Wolfman's" release really comes in the sweet jam out of "BORW."
1998-06-30 Copenhagen, Denmark 12:01 The jam moves from mellow funky stuff into a serene ambient mode and then -> to "Frankie Says."
1998-07-15 Portland, OR 8:51 Classic "Type I" version that lets go of the funk, making way for some blues-inflected power jamming with great Page.
1998-07-24 The Woodlands, TX 22:48 Excellent, powerful version. The extended funk section includes some "Manteca"-like jamming. After a brief settle around 13:40, the jam breaks into a super, power-hose groove that rocks for several minutes before yielding to ambient space and a > to "2001."
1998-08-06 Atlanta, GA 15:39 The jam moves beyond solid funk to a mellow, ambient groove that gradually develops some funky legs and > to "Talk."
1998-08-11 Burgettstown, PA 11:10 "Type I" with extra mustard. Little sprinkles of improvisation all around on this solid version, including a great -> to the first "Time Loves A Hero" in 1,021 shows (last seen on 11/5/88).
1998-10-15 San Francisco, CA 12:46 Great funk section with some "Manteca"-like jamming early on. Never really opens up out of funk mode although it settles as if ending, then rebuilds with no return to "Wolfman's."
1998-10-31 Las Vegas, NV 30:11 Haunting Halloween Masterpiece. At 9:50, the jam descends from low intensity funk mode into 14 minutes of dark, chilling, effects-laden improvisation. A few movements to resurface are rebuffed, and the jam remains deep down until 24:00 when a bluesy shuffle provides some cathartic relief. -> to "Piper" which further brightens the mood.
1998-11-13 Cleveland, OH 9:22 "Wolfman's" -> "MLB Jam" -> "Wolfman's." "MLB" from 9:22 - about 11:52. Returns to "Wolfman's" with "Manteca"-like jamming then ends.
1998-11-13 Cleveland, OH 1:10 -> in from "MLB Jam." Brief return to "Wolfman's" with "Manteca"-like jamming to conclude.
1998-11-18 Greenville, SC 16:18 At 7:40, the jam leaves standard "Wolfman's" and moves into some great free-form improvisation that migrates from funky rhythmic playing to really beautiful, melodic and exultant music. The jam mellows gradually and -> to "Lizards."
1998-12-28 New York, NY 21:13 An improvisational jam which goes through the customary progressions, then pushes on to some ambient jamming, more funk, creepy, effects-infused space, and finally space rage.
1999-07-01 Antioch, TN 10:33 Jerry Douglas on dobro. Very cool and different sort of "WB" that is well worth checking out.
1999-07-13 Mansfield, MA 21:18 A funky, low-key, groove-based jam emerges around 8:40 on the heels of "Wolfman's" proper, and continues, growing ambient and spacey after 15:40. > to "Piper."
1999-07-26 Noblesville, IN 17:20 The jam moves beyond the conventional structure at 9:00 into several sections of high quality improvisation. > to "Piper."
1999-09-11 George, WA 15:46 Jam quickly moves beyond funk mode and gives way at about 8:00 to a nice swinging, high power groove with no return to "Wolfman's." This rocking jam eventually burns out to transition space and -> to the debut of "Sand."
1999-09-24 Austin, TX 18:55 Great, multi-section version, including some enchanting, melodic, and "Gin"-like hose jamming from 11:50 - 14:15 with fantastic playing by Page. From here, the jam grows delicate, spacey, and -> to "The Lizards."
2000-09-20 Cincinnati, OH 13:47 Extended release, almost a groove-based hose jam emerges from the post-funk section. Good '00 sounds near the end.
2003-01-03 Hampton, VA 14:52 Super solid version with a gradual transition out the funk phase that develops into a kick-ass celebratory blow out.
2003-02-15 Las Vegas, NV 15:03 Some great exploration starting at 6:40, with no return to "Wolfman's." Upbeat, far-ranging, and funky, the jam eventually softens and > to "Reba."
2003-07-07 Phoenix, AZ 14:01 A great version with a combination of good, low intensity 2.0-style funk grooves and quiet, spacious exploration that -> to the debut of "Scents And Subtle Sounds."
2003-12-01 Albany, NY 15:22 Funks around nicely for a good stretch, but when Page hits the piano at 8:50, it's release time in a big, big way. Then the jam really expands into a euphoric, overdrive celebration. Call it "Type I" on steroids.
2004-06-19 Saratoga Springs, NY 11:36 Really a great version that gets somewhat beyond the typical format with continued improvisation before coming home.
2004-06-25 East Troy, WI 14:35 Excellent, improvisational "Type II" version has some awesome Mike early on followed by funk, then some deep, dark and far-ranging exploration before miraculously finding its way back to "Wolfman's" to close.
2009-07-30 Morrison, CO 11:26 > in from "Ghost." Different early part of the jam where Trey and Page hit on a riff that they pursue along with staccato playing. The release section has a "Louis Louis" (the Kingsmen) vibe to it.
2009-10-30 Indio, CA 11:36 Really no funk section at all. Instead, an upbeat rocker with super Page and great Mike triumphs, recedes, and morphs into eerie, effects-laden space for 3 minutes before > to a great (short) "Piper."
2010-10-30 Atlantic City, NJ 10:13 A nice vocal jam is followed by some great "Manteca"-like jamming played in a funky, staccato and rhythmic style. The jam never builds to the typical release, but retains a rhythmic focus and -> to "Undermind."
2011-07-01 Watkins Glen, NY 11:45 Basically "Type I," but there is some fantastic Page/Trey/Mike interplay mid-jam before Trey leads a full-throttle ending.
2011-08-15 Chicago, IL 11:54 Jam breaks away from the customary release around 6:35 into more exploration with great Page B-3 action and Mike bass. A nice low-key groove develops that grows into an extended high power closing and return to "Wolfman's."
2011-09-03 Commerce City, CO 11:37 Great growly playing by Trey at first, some 3.0 funk from Page, before a spirited, high power build up to conclude.
2011-09-14 Essex Junction, VT 11:14 Some good "Manteca"-like jamming early on, then the jam opens up and Trey layers on some nice guitar melodies before a full-on finish. Mike and Page shine.
2012-12-28 New York, NY 14:24 An excellent version that includes some really sweet bass action from Mike, a jam on the "Little Drummer Boy," and strong improvisation all around. The jam eventually winds its way back to "Wolfman's" to close.
2013-07-26 George, WA 10:14 "Type I," but with added gusto, including great Mike/Trey teaming early, and then a big peak with strong Fish and Page.
2013-12-28 New York, NY 10:49 A great "Wolfman's" which, while essentially straightforward structurally, includes some excellent and rocking playing by all four before a typically strong release section.
2014-08-31 Commerce City, CO 11:58 Some great and varied "Type I" jamming, including melodic playing by Trey, "Manteca"-like jamming from Page, and a cool Mike-led quiet section that builds anticipation for the peak.
2015-08-04 Nashville, TN 10:34 Mike and Fish set a great chunky and snappy groove in the first part of the jam which Page and Trey ride to great effect, and quite patiently. Then they flip the switch and the jam concludes with the expected power peak.
2016-12-28 New York, NY 12:41 A swampy groove propels the jam forward in the first half before Trey revs up and caps it with a strong peak.
2017-01-13 Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 12:36 Although it follows a familiar trajectory, this strong version luxuriates in the funk, before flipping the switch and peaking in celebratory good form. Trey really brings it on quite nicely.
2017-07-14 Chicago, IL 11:01 Some feisty punctuation by Fish, at around 5:40, leads to some great mimic and mirror playing between Trey and Page. Adding power and pulse, Mike and Fish help bring this tasty concoction to a full boil.
2017-07-23 New York, NY 14:53 At the jam's onset, Trey takes the lead and pours it on for a powerful peak, after which there is some "Type II" exploration, including a beautiful and stylistically refreshing spacious segment. Out of this space, the jam rebuilds for a nice finish and transitions to "Twist".
2017-09-02 Commerce City, CO 11:56 A nice jam, which is really driven by an uptempo, percussive, Fish and Mike led groove. Trey and Page add color and effects, including some spacey synth, before turning the corner and coming home for a solid finishing peak.
2018-09-01 Commerce City, CO 11:24 Patient, pulsating, and plucky, the jam, while "restrained," possesses an infectious sort of verve, anchored by Mike's groove, which the others fill with perfect, almost "sequential" flourishes. A fun, build-to-not-quite-break free version, capped with a soaring little peak before a tight return to the song's conclusion.
2018-12-29 New York, NY 16:01 Begins with a bit of vocal jamming and then gets into an upbeat clav-groove and continues building in a section bookended by "Party Time" quotes before some more "Wolfman's" scatting and a final ascent for a guitar-driven, high-energy conclusion.
2019-09-01 Commerce City, CO 14:22 Initially uncertain, the band practices prudence as myriad ideas (rhythmically, tonally, and texturally) are thrown into the fray without clear direction or heading. At 7:45, Page and Trey slide the jam cleanly into F, where a textured and detailed bliss jam oozes and bounces in dynamic. Trey fades a sustained note into foley so Page can step up to the organ (with the assistance of swirl and crunch) and remind us all of why he is the Chairman Of The Boards. Around the 11 minute mark, whale call Trey joins Mike and Fish's rhythmic bounce. Finally at 13:00, after just over 5 minutes of continued type II jamming, Trey winds the band back into the classic outro riff.
2019-12-31 New York, NY 10:44 Funk-driven groove emerges on the back of Mike's slap bass. Page switches from plinko Clavinet to Hammond to drive the groove home.
2021-08-06 Noblesville, IN 12:02 The jam follows a fairly typical funky and crunchy path until around 8:00, when lift off is achieved. A strong peak ensues before downshifting to close.
2022-02-26 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 22:43 Like a cross between a breeze and the space between stars, the jam, a smooth and total sound, breaks free all but immediately and becomes a true show-stopper. Trey, atop Fish's scattershot (off)beat, both creates and occupies space - it feels like it, but he never stops playing - the resulting improv remarkable in its restraint, notable for its ingenuity, and startlingly refreshing. Terrific play from all four creates a sound (driven space, as opposed to ambience; give "ER" a spin, for instance) that will likely stand out from this excellent run. A bit by way of customary play dissolves as the band > for "Cavern."
2022-04-21 New York, NY 13:45 Straightforward in structure, this version builds momentum by way of clever full band interplay. Trey makes his intentions known right away by shifting through multiple effects, toggling between lead playing and funk-oriented rhythm comping. The rest of the band follows suit, as the jam develops into a laid back, conversational groove session. This then patiently builds to the classic, spirited "Wolfman's" ending.
2022-07-27 Wantagh, NY 13:36 > from "Mike's Song" (in a show that would, ultimately, become a "Groove") slinky play emerges as the lyrics fade, the band riding a wonderfully-paced, feel-good wave. Check out Page, around the ten-minute mark, as he shakes things up, via his concert grand, a really cool passage that Trey responds to in kind. Page shifts to his keys, and play becomes refreshingly rocking, with a set of repeated riffs that are as pleasant as the surf smacking the shore. Trey breaks free, working the version to a strong peak before play uniquely cools to a perfectly placed "Ya Mar."
2023-04-15 Seattle, WA 13:29 Trey leads this one off the beaten path with a squiggly guitar tone, and as the jam continues down the rabbit hole, it reveals a dizzyingly beautiful dimension of sonic pleasures. This holds sway until a sea change around 11:00 brings a heavier, more industrial sound, setting the table for a welcome -> "Izabella" in this fantastic first-set pairing.
2023-04-23 Hollywood, CA 13:56 A thumping, relentless version marked by Mike's new bass. Trey plays with loops and gives Mike a run for his money with bass effects of his own before leading things in a more melodic direction over a soft bed of Page's keys and driven, as always, by the "brother" himself. The jam eventually cools and fades, unfinished, on a curl of ambience that breaks for "Ruby Waves".
2023-08-01 New York, NY 17:03 Exiting the song proper, Trey wastes no time finding a fat, heavy line. Doing well to push past "The Well" quotes, a truly unique musical conversation ensues, with Mike, in time, dominating much of the discourse. Page is perfect on his piano before jumping to his keys, splashing sound, and moving the jam in a new direction. Worth repeated listens, this is one of Summer 23's actual blockbusters.
2024-02-24 Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico 15:17 The band basks in the setting of playing on the beach by providing an apt soundtrack. The jam is calm and chill for a while, until it builds and builds into a mini-peak of energy highlighted by some sparkling play from Page on the piano. Trey then finds his way back home to the song proper for the coda.
2024-04-18 Las Vegas, NV 16:04 The jam starts out laid-back and chill, like many "Wolfman's" jams do. A few minutes later, things change as effects are employed by the three non-percussionists. Fish keeps things in check with some mastery behind the kit. Trey's piercing guitar brings the jam out of the muck and into an upbeat, fiery ending before winding back around to the song proper.
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