Jam Chart for Limb By Limb (47 entries)

Date City Timing Notes
1997-06-13 Dublin, Ireland 9:09 Debut. Band sounds a little shaky trying to get this new song right, especially Fish with the complex rhythm.
1997-07-01 Amsterdam, Netherlands 11:33 Two weeks into its life, the band has got this song nearly nailed. This version is very well played and includes a delicate, almost silent coda that leads to a -> to "Ain't Love Funny."
1997-07-23 Atlanta, GA 9:31 An excellent version which showcases the dynamic interplay between Trey and Page, while Fish and Mike keep the intricate rhythmic pattern steady throughout. Also has a fantastic peak and gradual settle.
1997-07-26 Austin, TX 11:40 In addition to hosting Bob Gullotti on a second drum set, the boys bust out the Funk towards the end of this version - an extremely rare style for a "Limb" jam.
1997-07-31 Mountain View, CA 11:39 Band-wide cohesion on display here, as all four deftly contribute to this complex and well-played version.
1997-08-03 George, WA 11:37 A very different version from 7/31/97, with more staccato playing by Trey, and minor key fills from Page at points.
1997-08-08 Tinley Park, IL 11:08 In addition to (typically '97) adept playing, this version also has a cool build to the big peak, starting at about 7:40.
1997-08-16 Limestone, ME 15:48 The boys really stretch the jam out on this one nicely, and the playing is excellent. They also tack on a nice extended ending (was played near the end of day 1 of the Great Went) before transitioning to "Funky Bitch."
1997-11-28 Worcester, MA 12:18 Like driving across a mountain range, this version takes you over the first peak, you drop down a bit, then back up again, and again up over the very top, before finally heading down for good on the other side.
1997-12-05 Cleveland, OH 10:45 The '97 "Limbs" were a great vintage, and this version is another excellent bottle well worth opening.
1997-12-11 Rochester, NY 10:36 Superlative even among the standouts. The best "Limbs" build to a peak that reaches the stratosphere, then gradually work back down to earth. Listen to this version for a prime example.
1998-07-15 Portland, OR 12:35 In addition to a stretched out, well-played jam, this version has a nice ambient closing that segues -> to "Simple."
1998-08-03 Noblesville, IN 11:34 Fantastic version that has it all: delicate, intricate playing, a quiet tempered section that builds to a glorious peak, and then an orchestrated downshift concluding with serene, ambient space.
1998-08-15 Limestone, ME 11:30 1998 was also a strong year for "Limb." This Lemonwheel version is a case in point with a '98 style diminuendo ending.
1998-11-02 West Valley City, UT 15:09 Beautiful, serene playing. At about 8:00, the jam amps down into delicate, contemplative playing.
1998-11-11 Grand Rapids, MI 13:42 Page solos in the middle of the jam, and then the others gradually join back in to build to a high peak.
1998-11-15 Murfreesboro, TN 9:25 Awesome guitar, great rhythm/piano/guitar interplay, and steady, solid bass back-up playing.
1998-11-29 Worcester, MA 10:52 Fierce version that ends with a very cool jam and masterful segue into "Catapult."
1998-12-29 New York, NY 9:52 Page in particular shines brightly (but also Trey) in this strong, full-powered version. Segues to a stellar "2001."
1999-06-30 Bonner Springs, KS 11:17 A different vibe to this version, it has a subdued, almost melancholy quality to it despite being well played. An unusual take on "Limb" and worth checking out.
1999-09-25 The Woodlands, TX 12:04 Nice extended jam that has a very quiet mid section, a great peak, and strong playing by Trey.
1999-10-09 Albany, NY 13:55 Excellent version with strong playing. The jam hits usual peak indicating the song's finale - then at about 8:30 breaks into a low-key groove that works its way back to the "Limb" theme with a soaring peak.
1999-12-03 Cincinnati, OH 16:21 Departs from "Limb" proper around 8:00 and heads into a dark, subdued jam during which Trey plays keyboard for a good portion. Not to everyone's liking, but more exploratory than most versions. Returns to "Limb" to conclude.
1999-12-13 Providence, RI 9:36 Another exceptional version with solid playing by all, but especially Machine Gun Trey who rips a glorious peak.
1999-12-16 Raleigh, NC 10:29 Although this one takes awhile to get going and the "Spreadsheet" recording doesn't do it justice, Trey trills like his life depends on it in the spectacular peak of the jam.
1999-12-30 Big Cypress, FL 11:15 The wild Big Cypress version showcases some cool staccato playing (see also "Plinko") in the middle and an unusual jamming style, while still staying pretty close to the normal theme.
2000-06-16 Suminoe-ku, Osaka, Japan 15:38 Great show opening version settles into a relaxed, groove-like section while retaining the "LxL" vibe. The jam then patiently builds to a shredding, celebratory conclusion.
2000-06-22 Antioch, TN 9:36 Why many folks consider the "LxL" jam somewhat similar to The Grateful Dead's "Crazy Fingers." Trey soars in this version.
2000-06-29 Holmdel, NJ 12:35 Very solid with excellent playing by Trey. The intensity modulates up and down in the jam, with two enormous peaks.
2000-07-06 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 12:49 Jam departs somewhat from the typical direction, but is interesting and well-played. Unfinished with transition to "2001."
2003-02-18 Denver, CO 13:29 After the initial jam, this version gets very serene but is still rhythmic. It then turns a bit dark with a shift to minor key that resolves back to major key and an upbeat sentiment, ultimately building to a great peak.
2003-07-17 Bonner Springs, KS 11:26 Similar in some respects to the 6/30/99 version. This one also has a somewhat downbeat sentiment, which is unusual. But it's well-played with the crisp work typical of a quality "Limb."
2003-08-02 Limestone, ME 11:12 No sloppy playing in this solid, mostly straightforward 2.0 version. It does have a cool little settle before the final peak.
2003-12-29 Miami, FL 9:40 Multiple peaks and a high powered crescendo ending to this sold version.
2004-06-19 Saratoga Springs, NY 11:51 A well played version. Following the typical "Limb" peak, there is a sort of celebratory, almost euphoric power jam that is both unusual and adds extra mustard to this "Limb."
2010-06-11 Bridgeview, IL 10:43 Well-played, not spectacular, but nevertheless features a cool and unusual vocal jam at the end - perhaps of S. African inspiration (performance occurred during the 2010 World Cup soccer finals in S. Africa).
2011-08-16 Chicago, IL 9:41 A very different style of jamming for a portion of this version. Sort of "plinko," not really funk, the jam returns to conventional "Limb" playing with an excellent crescendo peak.
2012-08-28 St. Louis, MO 13:24 A great exploratory version. Pushes the edges of "LxL" until about 7:30 when it breaks well beyond into an upbeat groove that builds intensity. Ultimately returns to "LxL" to finish and > to "Julius."
2013-07-19 Chicago, IL 7:59 Very well played straightforward version with great Trey and Trey/Page interplay. Lacks the big '97/'98 peak, but still solid.
2013-08-30 Commerce City, CO 8:01 Fish asserts himself strongly, a key element to a quality "Type I" "LxL," and Trey and Page mix it up very nicely.
2013-10-23 Glens Falls, NY 7:46 A very solid version all around which includes an unusual vocal jam type ending, setting up nicely for "I Didn't Know."
2014-07-03 Saratoga Springs, NY 12:55 Improvisational version which begins to peel away from the standard as Trey and Page play unusual chords and harmonies to the base "LxL" rhythm, then makes a clean "Type II" break into a rhythmic, pulsing and somewhat dark jam. > to an impressive "Winterqueen."
2015-07-25 Inglewood, CA 7:47 A nice version which begins with a fun "Follow The Yellow Brick Road" tease, then gradually builds up to a solid peak.
2016-07-18 San Francisco, CA 7:58 Trey's playing is deft and versatile, but his move to atonality and atypical scales, very unusual for "LxL," is unpleasant to some ears. Nonetheless Fish is the real star, holding all things together with seeming ease. The music gels for a normalized conclusion in spite of Trey's descent into dissonance.
2016-10-28 Las Vegas, NV 7:48 Strong interplay between Trey and Page, good syncopation, and solid Fish working like glue to hold it all together results in a quality performance.
2019-06-25 Bangor, ME 10:21 The jam begins quietly, then drops into minor mode with more rocking play. The music quickly shifts back to inspired, soaring play which sounds similar but slightly different than "LxL" and concludes with a quality peak.
2019-12-06 North Charleston, SC 13:15 Around 4:45, the playing peels away from typical "LxL," becoming more rocking at first, then mellowing into a jazzy groove with moments of brightness. The energy and intensity builds, with strong Mike and Fish, before Fish starts singing "This Old Man" and the playing transitions > "The Lizards".
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