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[The title of this recap is both a reference to this lovely tweet about the scene inside The Greek Theatre seven (7) minutes after doors, thanks to line-cutting by "fans," and the fact that this recap was authored by "ChatGPT." Note also that both the title of this recap and the contents of this intalicized and bracketed intro have been revised since first being published on April 20 at 4:20 pm e.t., if only to gaslight some of the Commenters. You're welcome. -Ed.]

IT seems that the band played a great mix of classic Phish songs and newer material. The first set kicked off with "I Never Needed You Like This Before," a relatively new tune that has quickly become a fan favorite. This was followed by "AC/DC Bag," which always gets the crowd energized, and "Rift," a classic Phish song that showcases the band's tight musicianship.

© 2023 PHISH (Rene Huemer)
© 2023 PHISH (Rene Huemer)

The first set also featured some excellent improvisation, with standout versions of "Runaway Jim" and "Halley's Comet" that allowed the band to stretch out and explore some interesting musical territory.

"Winterqueen" and "46 Days" rounded out the set with some more recent Phish material that kept things fresh and interesting.

© 2023 PHISH (Rene Huemer)
© 2023 PHISH (Rene Huemer)

The second set kicked off with "Mike's Song," which is always a crowd-pleaser and typically leads to some epic jamming. This was followed by "Beneath a Sea of Stars Part 1," a newer instrumental piece that has quickly become a staple of Phish's live shows. The set continued with a high-energy version of "Weekapaug Groove," which segued into the funky "Cool It Down" and the newer song "Set Your Soul Free."

The second set closed out with "What's the Use?" and "Loving Cup," two excellent songs that showcased Phish's ability to balance intricate musicianship with catchy hooks and sing-along choruses. The encore featured the ballad "Waste," which provided a nice breather after the high-energy second set, before the band closed things out with the always-epic "Tweezer Reprise."

Overall, it seems like the show had a great mix of classic Phish tunes and newer material, with plenty of room for improvisation and exploration. The Greek Theater in Berkeley is a beautiful venue that always provides an excellent backdrop for live music, and it's clear that Phish put on an excellent show for the fans in attendance!

© 2023 PHISH (Rene Huemer)
© 2023 PHISH (Rene Huemer)

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, comment by andrewrose
andrewrose Line cutting is terrible but so is ChatGPT doing the recap! No one volunteered?
, comment by gr8phul
gr8phul And someone had the audacity to say my recap of the Shoreline Soul Planet was the worst written recap ever!
, comment by whrdina
whrdina This AI review reads like Steve Carell trying to describe a woman's breasts in the 40-Year-Old Virgin. It is painfully clear that Chat GPT has never been to a Phish show. Thank you for the lesson in AI's greatest weakness, its inability to get more down.
(Loving the irony of clicking the "I'm Not a Robot" button before posting this comment)
, comment by sevenpounds
sevenpounds Here’s a real review…

Awesome Bag
Good workout in Jim
Fun Halleys, rompin n rollin Timber
Winterqueen clearly a nod to my buddy who had earlier declared he’d walk out of the show if they played it (narrator: he didn’t walk out of the show)

Pretty spacey BASOS
Cool It Down aka “get ready here it comes”
Psychedelic SYSF jam
Breathing and airy release WTU
Lovin Cup victory lap

Waste Tweeprise slightly underwhelming, maybe due to someone in the section over yelling about how breaking curfew is $10k per minute ????
, comment by jahroy
jahroy I’m glad to learn this was written by a robot, since it immediately struck me as the worst review of a Phish show I’ve ever read.
, comment by Beellama
Beellama They played classic Phish songs and newer material. Well done chat GPT. You nailed it. How did it get by the I'm not a robot declaration anyway?
, comment by drypaint
drypaint Eeek... Insufferable should be because of the review. Maybe this was a joke or maybe it was to wake some of us up into participating in the forum? My first time posting after seeing my first show almost 30 years ago because this was the worst review I have read. First show was 1996 Tinley Park followed by Deer Creek the next day and I have seen close to 40 shows since.

Did anyone else hear the Tweezer teases at the end of 46 days?

The Greek is an amazing place to see a show and catch an amazing view of the Bay, but the scene from outside the gate is always underwhelming. It's just part of the makeup of the city. Sad but true. Super happy to catch at least this night in the flesh.
, comment by unoclay
unoclay I love this review and the undertone of fury that it simultaneously conveys and avoids directly describing.

Phish, management, if Phish plays this venue again, please take steps to stop tarping, space holding, and line cutting. I know you've taken active steps at other venues to make it a better experience, especially with respect to Tarpers.

Holding space is, overall, bullshit. For a few minutes, sure. Running in and holding down rows/zones for hours for absent people--garbage.

But the band needs to take active steps, since asking us to police ourselves isnt a great solution. It just leads to a "you can't tell me what to do" interaction--i can definitely state that it doesnt make things feel happy-shiny...i've tried.
, comment by Listening_Wind
Listening_Wind Cyber-surgeon. JavaScript person. Digital cleanse.
Tell all your friends the neural network's at work.
, comment by SawItAgaaain
SawItAgaaain As a lifelong fan of musicianship and intricate play styles, I often sing along to the chorus of the song “What’s The Use?”
, comment by mgolia6
mgolia6 This review of the review was done by ChatGPT: The review of the Phish concert of the third evening of a three night run at the Greek Theater explored the song list that was played by a band that occurred on the third night of a three night run at the Greek Theater. Songs were played and then reviewed by the reviewer highlighting the stylistic choices made by the band then correlating them to various eras of their career. In all, the review was concise, if not flaccid and flavorless. Reviews such as this seldom convey the actual feeling of being at a Phish concert because you have to actually be living and breathing to enjoy the concert live or by webcast. In summation, the review did very well to make its readers less smart. I for one enjoyed the review.

, comment by wombatboy
wombatboy killer pics
, comment by thumbsfriendly
thumbsfriendly Yea they didn't jam Halley's at all.
, comment by funkbeard
funkbeard pitiful review. who at permitted a troll to record history? shows signs of losing its mission and purpose, and appears to hate itself in order to seem smart and knowledgeable.
, comment by JerrysMissingFinger
JerrysMissingFinger Dot Net got hooked up to the machine. It performs Dot Net’s daily functions through a tube in Dot Net’s ween. And today that thing malfunctioned… (I had to prove that I’m not a robot to make this comment. Luckily, I was able to pay a human to do the CAPTCHA:
, comment by WoNoFoShoDo
WoNoFoShoDo Classic Phish with a mixture of old favorites and new. Always enjoyable to hear expert musicianship paired with songs that always get the crowd moving. Looking forward to more reviews like this, and seeing what other tricks this legendary Rock band has up their sleeve.
, comment by MamousFockingbird
MamousFockingbird It's crazy to me that people use ChatGPT for anything professional when everything written by it reads like a 5th graders first longform essay. Also tarpers can suck it.
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